Preparing the Loudspeaker

n order to attach the loudspeaker to the rotatable arm, it has to be furnished with the corresponding connector. This device consists of a 15mm-20mm multiplex plywood (min. 20cm x 20cm) with four M8 T-nuts sunk-in in the corners of a 14cm square. The board has to be mounted parallel to the front and axially behind the geometric center of the cabinet, around which the speaker is being rotated.

If the mounting hides the electrical connectors of the box, they have to be extended sideways. A cut-out in the 20cm square will not work, as it will be hidden by the link of the machine. For very heavy loudspeakers larger plywood boards can be used. Conventional mounting brackets are usually unsuitable for the rotary motion.

For slim column speakers, where the diffraction of the mounting plate has a significant influence, a smaller mounting plate can be used alternatively. It can be extended to the top and/or bottom if necessary.